Buying a sewing machine

I am planning to buy a sewing machine for myself. That would be my next year’s resolution. One of the resolutions I wish to achieve. hehehe

So I have come out with these tips for buying a sewing machine.

1. Research
If you have decided to invest in a new sewing machine, do as much research as possible before you commit yourself to a particular make or model. Lucky me, I also have my husband helps me with my research. Ask your friends about their machines (if any), attend sewing exhibitions, or visit sewing machine retailers to ask their advice. If you googled, you will found couple of vendors in Malaysia such as LSN, Kraf Ezee, Epal Janome, etc. But LSN is always having open store concept which you can try out their machine before purchase

2. Types of sewing
Whether you quilt, make clothes or drapes, or do machine embroidery, it will affect your choice of machine. Select machine that will suit your needs and consider how you would like your sewing to develop. Do  not restrict yourself or you will quickly grow out of your new machine

There will be certain stitches you know you will need. E.g you may require a good variety of buttonholes or a nice range of decorative stitches. Make sure the machine you choose includes what you require.

4. Try it out
When searching for a new machine, take some of fabric with you. Try out different machines with the type of fabric you tend to use and see how it copes. Some models work better with thin and delicate lingerie type of fabrics, while others are more suited to thick layers of quilting, or maybe denim.

5. Local retailer
Carefully consider where you buy your machine. There may be a fantastic  deal on the internet but sales advice may not easy to be access. Your local dealer, however, will be there to help in the months or maybe years to come., an will offer a far better service if bought the machine from them directly.

So, what are you waiting for. Lets hunt and share with me your final result!

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