aids_9Ini merupakan salah satu baju yang telah direka oleh incik exike. Dia seorang pereka grafik dan sewaktu dengan nya. Eh, design ini oleh awek incik Exike. Incik exike buat design lain. Semua designnya ada 12, dan design yang ini telah dipakai oleh saya ketika Hari AIDS Sedunia. Baju-baju ini bolehlah dibeli secara atas talian di laman web Majlis AIDS Malaysia. So, marilah berbuat amal dengan membeli baju ini dan secara tidak langsung anda telahpun membantu anak-anak kecik yang terjejas atau terlibat dengan HIV/AIDS. Bantuan anda amatlah dihargai oleh pihakĀ  Majlis AIDS Malaysia. Cantik wooo. Terima kasih


When author and artist David Shannon was five years old, he wrote a semi-autobiographical story of a little kid who broke all his mother’s rules. He chewed with his mouth open, jumped on the furniture, and he broke his mother’s vase. As a result, all David ever heard his mother say was “No, David!” Full color.

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jacketaspxNo, David!
By David Shannon
Illustrated by David Shannon
Published by Blue Sky Press, 1998
ISBN 0590930028, 9780590930024
32 pages

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No, David! is a children’s book by David Shannon. The book was inspired by a small book, entitled No David, that David Shannon wrote when he was five. Every page consisted with the words: “No, David!” and a picture of David (Shannon) doing things he was not supposed to do. In 1997, Shannon revised it extensively, adding extra content, drawing new illustrations, and adding parts like David running around naked, then publishing. In 1998, No, David! received the Caldecott Honor distinction. The book went on to become very popular. A few sequels were eventually published by David Shannon.

My Comments;
I really love with this book.I like that this book demonstrates to toddlers that even though their Mom or Dad might be saying “No” to them a lot, they still love them very much. I’m also having fun listening to my niece even my husband himself saying “NO DAVID!” The price for hard cover at Kinokuniya, Malaysia around RM60 perbook and soft cover is RM40++.